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    Remote Unlock Codes For Your HTC

    A HTC unlock code removes the SIM lock from your HTC device allowing you to use your phone on any GSM network. A HTC unlock code is perfect for people who travel! This allows you to eliminate all roaming fees with the purchase of a single unlock code and a prepaid SIM card in the destination of travel. It also allows you to use your favorite HTC device on the network of your choice. This HTC unlock code is a permanent solution to unlock your phone and will last your phone's lifetime. Begin your purchase by selecting the model of your HTC below.

    Generate Your Unique IMEI Unlock Code To Free Your HTC Handset From Carrier Contract?


    By inserting your Unique IMEI unlock, you can instantly unlock your phone without sending your phone away. HTC Gate is proud to provide IMEI unlock codes for people who want to unlock their phone on their own and have no technical knowledge.

    You do not need any technical knowledge to unlock your phone. Inserting the IMEI unlock code, is as simple as dialing a number. The only risk of using IMEI unlock code is that - you have a limit of 10 tries to insert your correct unlock code. If accidentally you insert incorrect unlock codes for a total of ten times- then the handset will get permanently blocked. Then the only option is to Flash your handset to reset it back to it's original settings for which you either need to be a cell phone technician or send it to a store to be repaired.

    Once your phone is unlocked, you now have the freedom to switch carriers without having to buy a new phone. You can save a lot of money on roaming and international call charges using your desired GSM Carrier, you can run two sim cards using dual sim adapter and ultimately double the resale value of your phone - simply by unlocking it.

    tickUse your cell phone with any GSM service provider worldwide.
    tickSave money on roaming and international calls.
    tickFreedom to switch carriers without having to buy a new phone.
    tickAbsolutely no risk of damaging your phone.
    tickIncrease the resale value of your phone by 100%!
    tickRun two SIM cards in one phone using a dual SIM adapter.
    tickNo need to send your phone away, remote unlock by code.


    HTC Gate provides 100% accurate IMEI unlock codes - we are proud to own the best Code generation algorithm in the business. At HTC Gate you do not have the risk of using incorrect unlock codes, order your unlock code with confidence - you are covered by a 30 day, 100% Money back Guarantee.

    Moreover we provide instant, accurate and the most affordable unlocking service in the market. You can tally our price with any other company.

     Unlock HTC Aria

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                      Unlock HTC Aria Unlock HTC Wildfire

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    Unlock HTC HD7

                  Unlock HTC HD Mini Unlock HTD HD7


    UNLOCK ANY HTC IN 20 Minutes! JUST $14.99 >>

HTC Gate is the most accomplished HTC dedicated unlocking service online. It is an exclusive service for ANY HTC user, reseller or vendor serving several HTC owners across the globe.

Our testimonials clearly define our EXCELLENT QUALITY STANDARDS not only in terms of accuracy but also in providing you the best in class customer service, handled by a dedicated team of customer service representatives who assist you in every possible way.



Trust and Reliability -  HTC Gate is arguably the fastest growing HTC Unlocking service online. We have unlocked over 98,000 HTC Handsets from all across the world. 100% reliable & time tested code generation servers. We have over 2000 resellers regularly purchasing HTC Unlock Codes.

Supported Handsets - We support each and every model including the latest HD 2 , Pure (Topaz for AT&T users). If you have any HTC handset even any of the classic handsets we can generate the Unlock code for you. Any handset, any service provider, any country! Click here to choose your handset.
Customer Service - Our customers are priority #1 with us. This isn't just a statement, we operate under this rule. We've been told time and again about how much they like our speedy support. We use our own products so we know how to help when a customer has a question.

Lowest Pricing - Our service has been priced to allow anyone to enjoy an Unlocked phone. We have the lowest prices available on HTC Unlock Codes all over the internet. We work hard to beat other prices and you can tally our prices with any other company online. This is the best price for a professional service like ours.

Win a HTC Advantage Handset - Unlock your phone today and win a brand new HTC Handset shipped at your door for free! When you order your unlock code today, you're automatically signed up for our weekly contest. The winner is chosen by randomly selecting One email address from the first 500 customers of that week. The winner is chosen by a software program and only 500 people can take part in one week.


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HTC Gate is one of the premiere companies dedicated in unlocking HTC handsets only.
Our code generation technology is absolutely the most trusted amongst our peers. The company specializes in the unlocking of all kinds of HTC phones available in the market currently. The company is well known for its series of HTC unlocking codes, which are the best in the industry. The codes generated by the world class servers of HTC Gate have never failed to deliver.  Read More


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We Unlock all HTC models locked to any network or any country !!


HTC Gate takes pride in the fact that our services are not restricted to any specific handsets, but can be availed for all HTC phone models. We are able to unlock all TOUCH, TYPE and TOUCH or TYPE based HTC phones.

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